I was in a beautiful waterfall in the urban environment

I was in a beautiful waterfall in the urban environment

This video presents medium quality images, it was recorded about 5 years ago with a poor camera and still is worthwhile. I made a point of letting a pure audio, with waterfall and birds sound. A city is not just concret and asfalt, it’s not just noise and rush, the city is also beauty, it’s nature and refuge. Places like these are still little known and that’s why little is made for their preservation. I aim to inform this video so that more and more people be aware and enter the fight for restoration and preservation of areas like these.

This place is about 1,5 quilometers from Água Branca headwater, located at B avenue, in Água Branca residential district  in Goiânia City.

Star Nature

It’s been a long time since I’ve written to this blog. There is even a portuguese version of it, that I try to keep it update, but it’s not easy. I’m gonna increase the portuguese version as well as the english version. I want to develop   new contents and try to sensitize people in my country but also around the world.

I post bellow a music that I like very much. There isn’t an english version unfortunately, but I hope you enjoy it. It talks about the relationship between man and nature. The music is called “Estrela Natureza” something like “Star Nature”.

Outburst of a landowner on the Meia Ponte river

Meia Ponte river in Pontalina GO

I’ve found interesting disclose that comment on the blog this way, showing everyone how sad for landowners on the Meia Ponte losing green areas preserved with all dedication, where inhabit various animals and there are valuable trees to the flora of Cerrado.

I pray with sincerity to unite and try to prevent the construction of such a venture, disclose to all that you know about this PCH between Aloândia and Pontalina, which is unnecessary and its benefits will be far less than the environmental tragedy that this may cause. beyond that, why nobody discloses? Why the press doesn’t speak nothing? Simply because the plant is being designed hidden from everyone, in mute. Anyone interested can reply here post. Thank you

Below is the comment of Mr. Luizmar Mendes:

“I am the owner of a property on the Meia Ponte where are proposing the construction of the PCH “Between Bridges”, near the bridge that gives access to the city of Pontalina. ´ my neighbors and I have preserved forests with rare species. What are cultivating for years, now are wanting to destroy overnight. This is one of the few rivers that still has Dourado fish, so they need flowing water to reproduce. I particularly have eight acres of preserved forest that will surely be all destroyed. Will the environment agency do nothing by nature and by those who preserved the nature? To get an idea on my property we have animals preserved (tapirs, deer, monkeys, capiravas, catitu). It is a crime. frp who should We appeal to  protect our flora and fauna and why not say also to the residents and owners? I’m heartbroken…”

Do you know the Buriti?

Buriti – Mauritia flexuosa L. f.

In the Cerrado biome is the species which characterizes the veredas, striking fitofisionomy of the region, occurring also in riparian woodlands, Gallery and may form dense “buritizais”. In addition to the areas of Cerrado, runs across the Amazon and Pantanal, over poorly drained soils on areas of low altitude up to 1000m, being considered the most abundant tree in the country.

The species has a close relationship with water, which acts in the dispersal of its fruits and assists in breaking seed dormancy.

The leave petioles (stalks) and straw from their leaves are widely used in coverage of houses and ranches, as well as in regional crafts, for making baskets and furniture.

The medicinal use is associated with the oil extracted from the pulp of the fruit, with energy and vermicidal properties.

Rich in provitamin A (500 000 IU), with content of 300 mg/100 g, the oil is used against burns on the skin, causing immediate relief and assisting in healing. Oil absorbs ultraviolet radiation in the spectrum, being an effective sunscreen has been employed recently by the cosmetic industry entering in the composition of soaps, creams and shampoos.

Reference(in portuguese): http://www.biologo.com.br/plantas/cerrado/buriti.html

The abundance of Buriti Palm in certain streams form beautiful scenarios worthy of postcards.

For those who do not know the fruit of the Buriti, the peel of the fruit is formed of small flakes in contact with the water come out easily. Its pulp is fleshy, very tasty, especially when consumed in the form of candy or vitamins. At least in the region of Goiás vitamin Buriti is called Sembereba. There are also popsicles and ice cream made with the pulp of Buriti.

Fruit of the Wolf: From wronged villain to the Queen of the Cerrado

Lobeira - Fruit of the Wolf
By Everton de Paula

For many it is poison! They say that this fruit was and remains responsible for killing cattle, mainly in the Cerrado. Due to this legendary bad information, landlords have sacrificed the lobeira tree, causing their extinction within a short period, if nothing is done for the benefit of its preservation. Also called  Apple of the Cerrado  – due to smell like Apple – also known as: jurubebão, field eggplant, etc… See the explanation of the fact of it being a killer: due to the fruit flavor, the cattle jumps fence, crossing streams, ditches and backyards in search of this fruit. He eats up the stone, or better, the lid, which causes his death (photo). This lid hosts the mouth of its stomach, closing it. Nothing else comes in.The cattle ends up dying.

Then, the science from the past, who was away from the field, and the people, without identifying the cause mortis, gave the fateful cause: poison! If this were not inevitable, it could well be called fruit of ox or cow, fruit as the lobo lent its name to it.

Since I was a child I heard scoldings when we played to make it a ball: “look, this is poison, this ‘ little powder ‘ can also loose blind.” Poor Thing! Wronged, it made bitter for long and long years of bitterness! In fact, it somewhat bitter a little when it’s green, nothing unbearable. But the bitter I am referring to is the injustice. Farmers were and sometimes still have horror of this plant. Barely know them today scientists declared it as a medicinal fruit. According to a text by Paulo Capobianco, this fruit is very promising, this century, mainly in the areas of antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs and contraceptives. Researching are being developed in the laboratory of Research and Teaching in organic synthesis, University of Brasilia, where they have discovered rich evidence of steroid production, raw material of various medicines, that lobeira offers.

Accordingly, the explanations of this plant it is from the Solanaceae family, as well as the tomato, the Scarlet eggplant, Solanum paniculatum. He discovered also, according to him, the presence of solasodina on lobeira, basic element for the production of steroids. With this discovery, the fruit of the Wolf may be a great ally to the reduction of many medications. See, according to the explanation of Capobianco: “approximately 20 ml medicines for sale in Brazil are produced from only 300 active principles, being 10 steroids that are among the most expensive inputs of the pharmaceutical industry.

From villain it turned into “Excellence” of the Cerrado: homeopathic pharmacies sell their powder, starch polvilho in capsules for slimming, slow down the diabetes, they speak up in relieving stomach pain, such as gastritis. Its flower (pictured) is used to reduce fever, tea making syrup to strengthen the lungs, is widely used in the floral …

Now the fruit of wolf reigns in the fields of the Brazilian cerrado, although there is still resistance and ignorance. The wisest are starting to make the party.

My mother cut pieces, gave the cattle, without its lid, it is logical! Grated for the hens, mixing in sharps, and one which rotted on the ground raised some little bugs, like ladybugs, that the hens and some birds entertained. The rabbit loves its pulp. When I spent some time with the Indians (see more in BRAZILIAN CULTURE) they ate it “divez” passed to mature as we eat an Apple, it was fried in oil. Well, after this coexistence with the fruit of the Wolf, I also have my experiences to tell. I have a small plantation on the ground of the Pousada das Cores, for my own use: make sweets (learned from my mother), invented candy, bran for cakes, smoothies, cakes, etc, put flour enriched with egg shell, cassava leaves, chayotesweet potato, …

Curiosity: according to a legend, anyone who wants to know the first letter of the name of his/her future love, just cut in half and glance will see the first letter of the applicant. I told this story to a former nun and when she did it she saw the name of your childhood boyfriend before her convent. after a few years they were married. True! … They say that every legend has a kernel of truth.

Waterfall of the Meia Ponte river revealed – not completely yet

After a long period without writing to my dear readers, here I am again with a new post. This time the subject refers to a waterfall that exists in the Meia Ponte river and that prevented us from continuing our trip, as article reported here http://meiaponte.org/expedicoes/2010/12/20/A+ODISSEIA+GOIATUBA-PANAMA.html. Below I put a print of a satellite image obtained through google earth that shows the size of it. Even before it, the river has dangerous waters , with high waves and a frightening noise, especially in the rainy season, when the volume of its waters are above average.We intend to go at this point the river in July 2011, have some fun and take some photos to post here on the blog. These unknown beauties must be disclosed, a river so beautiful like this does not deserve the treatment offered to it by the inhabitants of Goiânia and metropolitan region, terrible! Luckily the nature is wise and the river at this point is clean.

Meia Ponte river Waterfall
The selection in red refers to the area where the waterfall are. The selection blue is only a comparison of a house with the size of the falls area, which, according to people in the region, they have about 4 meters in height.

Meia Ponte river waterfall
In the picture above the River was very full and  covered the waterfall, preventing its complete visualization.

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